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How to apply for a visa to the Syrian Arab Republic: 


* Holders of regular passports: 


-        Fill out the visa application form, print out and submit the application in addition to the required documents.

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-        Submit the following documents:     

-         A valid passport; the applicant may choose between sending the passport or sending copies of the following pages of the passport; bio-data, issue and expiry. The passport should have at least 6 months of validity when travelling.

-  Two photos (the photo must be taken directly facing the camera, with a plain white background. The Photo cannot be older than 6 months).

- A copy of the ID or Syrian passport of a reference in Syria, and an invitation letter from them.

-        A proof of payment of visa application fees; application fees must be pre-paid to the Embassy’s account:

Account of the Syrian Embassy in Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB): 

Account no: 52771021668.

For international payment use Iban number: SE4650000000052771021668,

Swift Code: ESS ES ESS.

- Send all the aforementioned documents to the Syrian Embassy, registered mail only.

- If the visa application is approved, the passport must be mailed to the Embassy to stamp the visa, registered mail only. Kindly enclose a pre-paid self addressed envelope, registered mail only, to return the passport.


*    Journalists: 

In addition to the aforementioned required steps and documents, a Journalist is required to submit the following:

-   Journalist form.

-        Curriculum Vitae.

-        A letter from the journalist’s agency or company stating the purpose of the visit.

-        A tentative trip schedule, which specifies the place of assignment or visit, purpose of travel, travel date, and anticipated length of stay.

-    List of equipment.

-        Articles written by the journalist about Syria. The full articles must be to be sent electronically to the Embassy’s email address (consulate@syrianembassy.se).

-         If the application is approved, the journalist must send an email to the Syrian Ministry of Information two weeks prior to his/her arrival. The email should specify the following:

  • A detailed trip schedule, which specifies arrival date, the place/s of visit, purpose of travel, and anticipated length of stay.
  • List of equipment.


* Diplomats & Government Officials: 


In addition to the aforementioned required steps and documents, a diplomat or a government official is required to submit the following:

-        A note verbale, or an official visa request. The note/ request should specify the applicant’s official status, the place of assignment or visit, purpose of travel, detailed description of duties, meetings with entities or officials, travel date, anticipated length of stay.


Note: Visa processing time may take up to 60 days.